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11 January 2012

Honeymoon Endeavours!

Ever wanted to get away from work, go on a quick romance holiday with your loved one? Too far to venture out of town nor too near to head over and just bunk in? Fear not! I’m here to share my experiences near & far through my journey with my loved one and also recommendations by truly yours!

Call this romance, call this a quick getaway, call this a travel guide, call this anything! I call this honeymoon because that’s how I feel every single time I travel near or far! Especially if it’s 3-stars and above!

1) Firstly Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa

2) LeXis, PD (formerly known as The Legend Water Chalets PD)

3) Le Méridien, Kuala Lumpur

4) Coming Up Really Soon

5) Coming Up Soon

6) Coming Soon I Hope

7) Coming Soon I Guess

8) Coming Soon I Wish

Take your selection of the posts related to my honeymoon endeavours and be captivated, if not in the mind, then in the heart… Cya! Lotsa hugzz, thx!!

Yours Truly,
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