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19 April 2012

Marvel's The Avengers

It's here!! The movie of the year! A cool movie about superheroes collaborate from different Marvel series, comes together in 1 movie!! Isn't that something to look forward to! I mean, of all the characters in it, I definitely would love to see Jessica Alba in it with her Fantastic 4 super powers! 

But no fret! 
Let's just imagine my story that a new member joins The Avenger's team and try to save the world!

The new member is no other than 
(drum roll....)


12 April 2012

Battleship + Food

Battleship! Ever heard of that?! Well, you got it right... It's the latest movie out in town & thanks to ChurpChurp, I've been given the opportunity to watch this movie premiere 1st hand in Malaysia on the 10th April 2012 @ Mid Valley!

Yeah! Baby!! The Battleship premiere screening tickets!! WooHoo!!

11 April 2012


Samsung has been growing and advancing faster than ever nowadays! And thanks to that, LMFAO concert sponsored by Samsung in Malaysia on the 9th April 2012 has been a fantastic event!

Yeah, babeyy!! Samsung VIP passes and privileges to enter the Samsung Zone!
The whole night was full of shouts and cheers. All party rockin'!!
Enjoy a snippet of it below...

09 April 2012

Chicken Hartz Buffet @ Sunway

We did went for 2 to 3 rounds of servings... But it gets heavier each round and we get full faster too... Also these servings of foooood are not hot nor warm enough, some are even just plain cold... Sad... This was located at Sunway Pyramid (New Wing) right next to a Japanese restaurant which is next to "Old Town Kopitiam" which is also next to Jusco on the LG2 floor.

08 April 2012

Randomly Unique

Some random post!

And by being random, I meant a random post of a particular ice-cream that actually hit the mark of being fresh, natural & real fruity flavours because it is blended with real fruits right infront of you!

I'm talking about Kindori's Ice Cream the Japanese, fruit based Ice Cream!

Lobster @ House, G-Tower

Hey y'all, today I'm gonna recommend a "Golden" flavor of mine "Lobster"!
I know, I know... 
It's expensive for some and kinda boring for some
But hey! 
Everyone has their fav's right? 
Mine here is da Lobster 
(best to be eaten on super duper rare & able to afford situations)

First of all, I gotta say that I bought this "deal" online. 
Yea, u heard me! It's an awesome "deal" alright!

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