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About Me

Who Am I?

What I Do For A Living?
Work (duh!)

Where I Came From?
My mummy's tummy... hehe... 24 yrs ago (long story...lolx)

My Favourite Hobby?
Singing, dancing, composing songs and so much more!

What is this blog about?
Simple! It's about everything and anything I'm able to cover and post about with help from our beloved Columnist of Ratianda from The Netherlands and also our main "desk editor" Ratianda in LA. This blog is mainly for entertainment, fun facts and also it can be more on a personalized point-of-view coming from an ordinary Malaysian teenager with a normal everyday life.

Is this the "Main Blog"?
Definitely NO! It's a blog alright, but calling it "the Main" is not suited well. Ratianda inLA is the main blog for all things "Ratianda". News that comes direct from LA and all entertainment news. We have photographers in LA roaming the streets in search of new insights just for everyone out there! It's purely entertainment and we report facts and not rumors! Besides all that, we just want to share with everyone around the world our views and the events going on all over around us (the big picture)!
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