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27 July 2010

"Flipped" LA Premiere

Hey guys, I'm back with more updates on some entertainment news! Ever heard of "Flipped"? Well, we've got access to more cool snapshots of our favourites stars starring in the movie Flipped that'll be in theatres near you on August 6, 2010.

26 July 2010

Cats & Dogs LA Premiere

Hey guys, today I'll be sharing some entertainment fun buzz happening in LA!

First and foremost, special thanks to Celphimage for letting us use their amazing shots from this event!

The event took place at Grauman's Chinese Theatre. Hollywood, CA, USA on the July 25, 2010. This was a "Grand Event" for the premiere of Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore brought to you by Warner Bros.! My absolutely most favorite actress & actors; Christina Applegate, James Marsden, Chris O'Donnell & Paul Rodriguez were present on this spectacular premiere!

25 July 2010

Beijing - KLIA, China (Day 8)

Day 8, 15th May 2010, in Beijing - KLIA, China

Do you know? The whole Beijing rooftop for majority of the houses is blue color because in feng shui, is represents water in chinese is translated as "Sui - 水" and in another term, is also means wealth/money. That's why it's reason to be believed is that when their roof represents water, is to avoid catching on fire and more more "Sui - 水" water coming in...

24 July 2010

Beijing - Tian Jin - Beijing, China (Day 7)

Day 7, 14th May 2010, in Beijing - Tian Jin - Beijing, China

Woke up in the morning, prepared ourselves to go to Tian Jin. Turns out, we went later in the afternoon. But had breakfast in Holiday Inn, which was not bad. The tour guide took us to Tian Rui Hua (China Silk Factory).

23 July 2010

Paris La France

Ratianda´s correspondent from The Netherlands and her husband went to Paris in France. Paris. The most romantic city to visit? Yes it is! The perfect city to visit during your wedding anniversary? Yes it is!

11 July 2010

Friends from Malaysia visit Germany and Switserland

Ratianda's correspondent from The Netherlands had the pleasure to interview her good friends from Malaysia who returned from their European trip. After visiting The Netherlands Mrs. Goh and her husband Mr. Goh went to Tuttlingen in Germany and Switserland. Mrs. Goh works for a company in Malaysia whose headquarters is located in Tuttlingen in Germany (and offices in Switserland).
Raitianda's correspondent (RC):
So Mrs. Goh how was your work and visit to Tuttlingen? You brought along your husband Mr. Goh, how so?

Mrs. & Mr. Goh (MG):
It was fantastic visiting Germany again! This was my 4th trip you know. It was great meeting my European colleagues again. We have alot of e-mail contact so it's nice to see the persons behind the e-mails. Yes, I brought along my husband. This was his first trip to Europe you know.

That is so nice MG! So Mr. Goh, can you describe your first impressions about Germany? Mrs. Goh was busy working so you had to do the sightseeing on your own.

My first impression. Well I don't speak German you know. So I had to use sign language! I had fun on my own and walked the whole day while Mrs. Goh was working. And when my wife wasn't working, we did some sightseeing together. Actually I walked 2 whole days!
Well I know Malaysia is known for the hot and spicy oriental food. So how did you manage with the German sausages, sauer kraut and kasier buns?

Yes, you are so right! The food was ok but very bland. We managed.

So what else did you do?
We also went to Switserland! We were not prepared for the snow there. It was our first time we saw and stood in the snow! We wore socks and sandals. And we loved it! We really hope to come back to Switserland again. We went to Luzern and to Zurich. Beautiful cities! We bought some Swiss chocolate too. Very very good.

I am so glad you  both enjoyed your visit to Germany and to Switserland. I hope to see you soon again, in The Netherlands or in Malaysia.
Thank you and we will keep in touch.

06 July 2010

Apeldoorn, The Netherlands

Today was another great day for Ratianda´s correspondent in The Netherlands. 
Instead of going to the beach like loads of other people did today, 
Ratianda´s correspondent in The Netherlands and her husband drove to Apeldoorn. 
Apeldoorn is about 50 mi / 80 km from Amsterdam and is a must see. 
What is there to do in Apeldoorn you might wonder. Alot! And there's alot to see and photograph too!

The main feauture in Apeldoorn is the royal palace Paleis Het Loo.
Paleis Het Loo was built over three hundred years ago close to the city centre of Apeldoorn. The former royal residence has been open to the public since in 1984 after undergoing substantial restoration work. 
The main feature of the palace however are the beautiful gardens around the palace. 
Ratianda´s correspondent in The Netherlands loved walking through the gardens and was amazed by the huge amount of beautiful trees, flowers, roses, statues and water features. 
Despite the sunny and hot weather it was very pleasant walking through the gardens. The gardens are huge and Ratianda´s correspondent in The Netherlands didn´t have the chance to see every part of the gardens so she is planning to return to Paleis Het Loo very soon. 
All the pictures were taken in the palace and it´s gardens itself. Beautiful and breathtaking experience!

05 July 2010

Interior design

Yes, indeed, Ratianda´s correspondent in The Netherlands had a very very very busy weekend.
She and her husband really need to remodel their living room and kitchen and managed to squeeze in doing some research in the DIY and furniture stores. They came across a fellow DIY-selver who was roaming the DIY store for finishing the interior of his newly build apartment.

This guy advised them to keep things simple and plain. "White walls, a glossy white kitchen and light colours make a room appear larger", he told them. Not to mention detecting smudges faster! Glossy white is the new colour for kitchens and interiors!
Furthermore he told them that larger tiles on the floor make a (smaller) room appear larger and roomier.
And his last advise was to invest in a few timeless pieces of furniture. "One doesn´t need that much furniture", he told them.

Ratianda´s correspondent and her husband were very very curious and he invited them to view his apartment. Oh my God, it was very classy! Ratianda's correspondent thought she was visiting an apartment from a magazine.
One must note this is a typical urban european city - non-children - apartement and not quite like Ratianda´s correspondent´s familyhouse but she and her husband got the picture and were triggered with loads of ideas and things to do in their own house!

Venice - the must see and must go city in Italy -

Ratianda´s correspondent in The Netherlands loves to travel - as we all know - and enjoys viewing her holiday pictures taken in beautiful places she and her husband visited. One of the most beautiful cities she visited is Venice in Italy (not mistaken for Venice in Southern California mind you) and therfore she wants to share these pictures with you.

The city of Venice, Italy, is stunning and unique. Founded more than 1,500 years ago on 117 different islands, Venice is linked by a series of over 150 canals, 400 bridges and many ancient pavements. The historic city centre of Venice is divided into six quarters (sestieri) - Cannaregio, Castello, Dorsoduro, San Marco, San Polo and Santa Croce. All buildings in Venice are supported on slender oak and pine piles (posts) which are driven deep into the ground to create a solid foundation. 

There are loads of famous Venice attractions and sights to see. The Basilica San Marco (St. Mark's Basilica), the Piazza San Marco (San Marco Square) and the Palazzo Ducale (Doge's Palace).

For lovers of fine cuisine - like Ratianda´s correspondent - Venice offers a wide selection of excellent restaurants serving delicious Italian food. Pasta and pizza has never tasted more devine than when eaten on the Piazza San Marco, in the shadows of the Basilica San Marco and the Palazzo Ducale.

The Grand Canal in Venice, Italy, is a long stretch of water running right through the city and is often referred to as 'the most beautiful street in the whole of Venice'. The first bridge ever built over the canal was the Rialto Bridge, which has since become one of the main symbols associated with this iconic Italian city. Travelling along this canal and the many others is a great way to see the city, and there are loads of different modes of travel available. Public transport consists mainly of water-buses (vaporetti) and there are also water-taxis (motoscafi), which are faster, more modern motorboats. Of course, who could think of Venice without picturing the well-known and much loved Italian gondolas!!!! What could be more romantic than a nighttime, moonlit trip along a Venetian canal? The atmosphere and reflections are quite unforgettable. So all you single unmarried ladies out there, now you know where to go on holiday with your boyfriend!

Tour de France 2010 in Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

Ratianda's correspondent in The Netherlands went to Rotterdam (The Netherlands) for dim sum. 
There's a huge Chinese community there so Rotterdam is the place to be for dim sum.

Ratianda's correspondent was a bit clueless about the second (and last) day of the Tour de France 2010 in Rotterdam.  Luckily she brought along her Panasonic Lumix with Leica lense and took some snapshots of the whole Tour de France circus!

The mayor of Rotterdam, Mr. Ahmed Aboutaleb of Moroccan descent who moved to The Netherlands when he was 15 years old, topped the cyclists in a red car and waved to the public and to our charming correspondent, who waved back!

The mayor of Rotterdam waving to our charming correspondent. She was so excited!

Our correspondent was overwhelmed by the huge amount of cyclists that she couldn't make out where Lance Armstrong was.

The cyclists were in a good mood and all eager to win!

It was a fun and sunny day. And of course Ratianda's correspondent enjoyed her dim sum afterwards.

02 July 2010

Cheng De - Beijing, China (Day 6)

Day 6, 13th May 2010, in Cheng De - Beijing, China

After breakfast in the morning at the hotel, we had to check out too. The next stop is the Summer Mountain Palace. The place where majority of the "Huan Zhu Ge Ge" show took place. So it's famous now and it's definitely a tourist attraction seeing how popular the show became.

Had to pay an extra ¥40 per person for a ride in a 11 seat-caddy type vehicle to stroll through the whole garden! You see... The Forbidden City is 2,350,000 square feet; the Temple of Heaven is 2x bigger than the Forbidden City and this Summer Mountain Palace is 4x bigger than the Temple of Heaven. Need a calculator? It's huge alright, no doubts 'bout that...

Next we visit Putuo Zongcheng Temple aka the "Little Potala Palace" before the first skyscrapers were built, this used to be the first tallest building in the world at approx. 12,000ft high. Again we had to walk... Also pray to Buddha at the temple. However, I must comment on this. It's a great sin to make a sale infront of God's sanctuary. I didn't go in, I waited outside but after they other tourist came out, some commented that it's a money-making country alright! They even try to sell accessories infront of Buddha and claim that they will pray for it and must always wear it, if they want their prayers to be real and strong. I mean... Come on! Have some respect for God, for heaven sakes!

Lunch at Cheng De and finally back to Beijing, another 4 hours...
We headed straight to the Silk Market for shopping and onwards to "The Place" where you can view the 2nd World's Largest LED screen, which forms a glowing canopy over the shopping center! Take note : The LED turns on at 7pm onwards only. (1st is in Las Vegas, baby)

Dinner time... Then we went to view the main stadium for the 2008 Olympic Games - National Stadium "Bird Nest", the National Aquatics Center "Water Cube" and Pangu Plaza, a 7 star hotel that has a building structure of a dragon! Later on, we took the Olympic Subway Line to pass by the Olympic Forest Park and also to head towards where out bus is.

We were checked-in at the Holiday Inn Express and we LOVE IT! Not only me! Everyone! The best hotel throughout the whole trip!!

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