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05 July 2010

Interior design

Yes, indeed, Ratianda´s correspondent in The Netherlands had a very very very busy weekend.
She and her husband really need to remodel their living room and kitchen and managed to squeeze in doing some research in the DIY and furniture stores. They came across a fellow DIY-selver who was roaming the DIY store for finishing the interior of his newly build apartment.

This guy advised them to keep things simple and plain. "White walls, a glossy white kitchen and light colours make a room appear larger", he told them. Not to mention detecting smudges faster! Glossy white is the new colour for kitchens and interiors!
Furthermore he told them that larger tiles on the floor make a (smaller) room appear larger and roomier.
And his last advise was to invest in a few timeless pieces of furniture. "One doesn´t need that much furniture", he told them.

Ratianda´s correspondent and her husband were very very curious and he invited them to view his apartment. Oh my God, it was very classy! Ratianda's correspondent thought she was visiting an apartment from a magazine.
One must note this is a typical urban european city - non-children - apartement and not quite like Ratianda´s correspondent´s familyhouse but she and her husband got the picture and were triggered with loads of ideas and things to do in their own house!
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