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26 October 2010

N8 Most Wanted : Nap Nimble Nate!

Hey guys! I've got some AWESOME news!
Are you eager to get fast cash in your hands? How does $10,000 cheque sound?!

To me, it's definitely AMAZING! Sadly, I'm not in Singapore... sobs... But hey! Just join in the fun and play the game!

09 October 2010

Nokia N8 in MALAYSIA!

I've been away for almost a month!! Busy busy busy!

Today I'm gonna bring everyone some special news!!!
The NOKIA N8 is coming the MALAYSIA! Yeeeeaaaahhhh!!! (scream & shout, jumps up & down)

The excitement, the adrenaline rush and the anticipation of the arrival of Nokia N8 has been all over the market now and we finally have news for EVERYONE!

It's all here >> Nokia N8
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