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28 January 2012

Food for thought or tummy??

Who can say NO to food?!
The most amazing thing that was ever invented was FOOD!
I can only share food for 2 pax and possibly for families??… Because it’s obviously food I enjoy with my loved ones anywhere we go… “Anywhere” worth the mention that is Smile
Bear with me for the next few minutes? hours? as I’ll be taking you through a series of images with locations and brief descriptions. Maybe some food tips & tricks if there are any I know of hehe…
Enjoy all da food related posts below!

27 January 2012

Food Paradize

Food Paradize is simply a summed up recommended experience to go-to with your friends, family & loved ones but do note that all of the below is practically !!NON-HALAL!!
(the Yong Tau Foo section might be HALAL at some places......... Not sure 'bout that either...)

STEAMBOAT for Family, Friends & Lovers! Plus-One Shabu Shabu! I love this place… Their winter-melon with chestnut (i think) drink is just at its right sweetness and it costs (RM10) for a plastic jug (like in the picture above on the left)… I love their set lunch but the portion for the meat is cut in half!! So you can save money through their set or pay slightly more for more meat on your plate. Every steamboat set is made for individual though… You can even order 1 set and share! If you’re saving money and a small eater… I recommend the PORK SLICE SET (RM 20++) also I recommend the PORK RIB with CORN soup! Because if you let it cook for awhile, PORK RIB is practically the bones and boiling soup with it in it plus corn actually makes your soup sweeter in the must natural way possible!!
Ps. They even have a wiiidddeee variety of sauces to go for, TAKE IT!
Details :

Food for ALL

Hear ye', hear ye'... Food for all summarized by yours truly and all !!HALAL!!

Great Food + Environment + Affordable + Once In Awhile + Friends + Family + Lovers

Mushroom soup with chips, Ice coffee latte and Ice lemon tea! These are just starters! You’ll also see some main course meals, desserts and more appetizers in the 3rd picture… Their portion are HUGE! So try not to over order like I do… Lolx… Nevertheless, thanks to my frequent visits here, I especially recommend this place to family, friends and lovers!~
Details : 

18 January 2012

Chinese New Yearly~!!

Ooh-la-la! Chinese New Year ‘round da corner… What does it really means to you?

I'm also a Earth Dragon.... Some pretty sheer "darn" luck this year I gotta F2F...

11 January 2012

Honeymoon Endeavours!

Ever wanted to get away from work, go on a quick romance holiday with your loved one? Too far to venture out of town nor too near to head over and just bunk in? Fear not! I’m here to share my experiences near & far through my journey with my loved one and also recommendations by truly yours!
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