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28 January 2012

Food for thought or tummy??

Who can say NO to food?!
The most amazing thing that was ever invented was FOOD!
I can only share food for 2 pax and possibly for families??… Because it’s obviously food I enjoy with my loved ones anywhere we go… “Anywhere” worth the mention that is Smile
Bear with me for the next few minutes? hours? as I’ll be taking you through a series of images with locations and brief descriptions. Maybe some food tips & tricks if there are any I know of hehe…
Enjoy all da food related posts below!

2012 : What is Food + Shopping + Adventure + SMILES? BANGKOK!!
2011 : Hong Kong + ShenZhen + ZhuHai + Macau = HOLIDAY BABY!!
2011 : French Village + Farms a plenty = Bukit Tinggi
2011 : My Birthday, The Element Of Surprise!
2011 : Melaka at it’s best!

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