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29 May 2010

The Amazing Nokia N8!

The title says it all!! It's the Nokia N8 coming to town! I mean like, WOW! Nokia definitely has more to brag about! How many brand can make it as well as Nokia can? Okay, enough the praises. My point; Nokia N8 is definitely the most anticipated device of the year! Apart from their best-selling series (N-series & E-series) plus the Nokia N900, Nokia X6, Nokia C5-00 and all of the rest!

Here's what I have to let you guys know about!
I know, some of you might think "So What?"... I mean, come on! How on earth can you deny Nokia and the journey they took to come here today! I doubt any other competitor brands out there can be related to this though. (Whatever... My heart's set for only Nokia since Day 1)

But as I was saying, imagine taking great and amazing photos and videos at HD quality, with a 12 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics (the best lens on earth!) with Xenon flash!!!

Nokia N8 sample video from Nokia Conversations on Vimeo.

For multimedia lovers that needs film editing software;
Or music lovers that crave for Dolby surround sounds!
Best part, all of the above in a beautiful, aluminium designed mobile that is convenient, handy and definitely EASY-TO-USE!

No need extra bags for cameras, music players, laptop or extra speakers! How much more do you want?!
Regardless of the price, this device is worth buying! Hassle-free from all of the other gadgets we have all around us! Move forward into the future with Nokia!

Have fun with the vidz~!

Nokia N8 UI Video (See the device in real-life action)

Nokia N8 Sneak Peak (showcased by hand freestyler Max Vlassenk)

Another event from Nokia that we should step up and take the initiative to be a part in!
My App Video (Introducing the Make My App competition)


Nokia N8 overview - Part 1 of 3 

In this first video Chris Bennetts, Senior Project Manager at Nokia talks through the Nokia N8’s homescreen, demonstrating the customisable abilities of the handset, true multitasking that makes running multiple apps a breeze, the lighting-fast onscreen keyboard, email and messaging, internet and browser capabilities and finally maps and navigation. Join us after the jump for a full walkthrough of the new Nokia N8. Once you’re done let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Stay tuned for episode two and three coming up next week. 

Beijing, China (Day 4)

Day 4, 11th May 2010, in Beijing, China

The day begins with breakfast and a tip for facial care by our tour leader, Xiao Yan, natural way for a facial mask is mix egg white, pearl powder and honey, the best remedy for all skin care!
Yes, pearl powder is not easy but it's the best! So Pearl Factory is our next stop.

There's a story of the Empress Dowager Cixi (Picture below). I just know in short, she's smart, powerful, intelligent, brave, strong, patient, greedy, selfish, heartless and vain. You wanna know her full story? Here's something I found off the net >> CLICK HERE <<

 Soon after, we went to the Summer Palace aka "Qingyi Garden", like most of the gardens of Beijing, it was destroyed by fire. In 1886 however, Empress Dowager Cixi embezzled navy funds to reconstruct it for her own benefit, changing it's name to Summer Palace (Yiheyuan). She spent most of her later years there, dealing with staten affairs and entertaining. Over here, we even took a cruise on Kunming Lake. According to our tour leader, Xiao Yan, certain places here are good to take picture at, but some are bad because of feng shui.

Later we were taken to the Crystal Factory that sells all types of crystals in all accessories, even in spectacles! With power up to >4.00 max. Helps reduce eye power and improve blood flow in iris when worn. I'm above >4.00 so forget about buying it! (sad....). We had lunch soon after and then a trip to the Capital Museum!

(Me @ The Crystal Factory)

(The Crystal Factory toilet very CLEAN & NICE!)

Lot's of exhibition and approx. up to 5 levels of exhibition! The whole building is just modernly designed and looks waaaayy better than most museum's I've seen by far. The whole history of China can "almost" be found  here. Trully works of wonderful art!


24 May 2010

Rondvaart Haarlem

Rondvaart Haarlem

Yay! Another boat ride in Haarlem, if you've been following us, you'd notice this is the 2nd time we've been mentioning Haarlem in our travels.

Here we went under very low bridges and viewing buildings. Enjoy da ride!

Brought to you by Columnist of Ratianda (The Netherlands).

Nature Green With Envy

Here are some of the Bollenstreek (bollen are bulbs aka tulip bulbs). The tulips and fields of it is near Keukenhof. Notice how gorgeous they look.

Just like carpets; It is this time of the year from March to 18th May, millions of tourist come to view the famous tulips.

22 May 2010

Beijing, China (Day 3)

Day 3, 10th May 2010, in Beijing, China

The breakfast at the hotel is "Very Good" ! Our tour leader, gave us a tip, if he says it's "Very Good" means it's worth the value and obviously very good (lolx)... But if it's no good and not worth it, the answer is "Okay Lah"... So this is "my" American Breakfast! I LOVE IT!

After breakfast, we went to Beijing's Jade Carving Factory and one of the jade at the entrance took approx. 3 years to carve it out! Cool! Also the "White Cabbage" jade design for prosperity and purity (it's in white). Also there was a Jade armor that looks cool and "heavy" (hehe...). I bought myself a "Dragon Jade", because of some "feng shui" I asked our tour leader, Xiao Yan, for advice and first he said the medium sized "White Cabbage" is good but I can't afford leaving it on the table top in the open!!

So he said to protect myself, wear my zodiac on me for protection of my own. So he took me to see some jade necklace and one particular "Dragon Jade" caught my interest with full attention! I bought it and it is said that a real jade could be differentiated by the sound when knocking it against another jade. Also a real jade will change color after 1 year, which means the jade adapts to the individual body and health. My "Dragon Jade" started changing color after wearing it for 2 days, I was worried it was my health or something wrong, when i asked, they said I'm lucky because the jade is adapting to me at very fast speed and it means good luck too.

Soon after, we went to the "Great Wall". Really really "GREAT"... I walked up approx. up to 100 steps and give up! I turn back... It's not easy!!!!!! The steps all are unbalanced! Some higher than the other, I had to go on all "four" and crawl up... But I give up.................. Plus the wind blowing at speed 5, it's not easy for lazy ppl like me!!

After lunch, we saw some super huge strawberry the merchants were selling outside the restaurant. Our local tour guide, Perry, said that outside the Great Wall entrance has a long stretch of farms and the fruits or anything that grows in those plot, grows up huge and healthy! No pesticide & etc etc! Lucky farmers!!! But nobody knows why...

Around 2pm, we went to the "13 Ming Tombs - Ding Ling". With my kinda hearing and feeling gift, I rather avoid going underground to the tombs because it was constructed in the 16th century for the emperor Wan Li, and it seems that in those days, if the emperor "kicks the bucket" their servants and guards get buried alive (in the coffin) next to the emperor's coffin... After walking UP the "Great Wall", we had to walk DOWN the "13 Ming Tombs", I took pictures outside but did not go in, so I waited outside and went to browsed the small exhibition hall next to the tombs.

Later, we were taken to the "Bao Fu Ling" factory. The "Bao Fu Ling" cream aka Compound Camphor Cream is only made in China and it seems they have 3 successful factory in Beijing, Shang Hai and one other location (not sure)... But due to fake products found the "that" one other location, today, only Beijing factory is operating, the other 2 has been closed down. The address is at Beijing City ChangpIng Shahe Xiaozhai. You can purchase this online at this website Beijing Bao Shu Tang Sci-tech Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.
Btw, after the visit to this factory, at the entrance I bought a milo ice-cream for ¥70 - RM3.50, worth it!

At night, we went to "Wangfujing Street" - "Dong Hua Men Night Market", it's a street like Petaling Street/Niu Ze Xui @PJ. But much better with all the branded goods and weird food!! Live scorpions as snacks or maggots, seahorse or starfish... Very very.... Makes me sick to my stomach! In malay "GELI"... In english is "tingling" feeling... And I saw NOKIA there too... To compare them with our Nokia outlets (interiors), I say it's a 50-50 chance. Our's look more neat and tidy, however, theirs is more colorful and confusing too... I don't know which display is which! Atleast, we have our display for music, for multimedia, for e-series and such... But they close early... 9pm and it's closed... We should be grateful our Nokia stores "starts" closing at 10pm - 10.30pm.

17 May 2010

Beijing, China (Day 2)

Day 2, 9th May 2010, in Beijing, China

Arrived at 6.10am, after all the standard procedures; One thing Malaysia fail to have and China is lucky to have is the super cool crisp clear wind on a sunny day... A great day to kick-start our holiday experience in Beijing, China!

On the way to breakfast in the coach bus, I was fascinated by the scenery's and the cool vehicles that you rarely see anywhere else in the world! The streets has lots of "pollen" floating around the air & it was near Xiao Jie bridge that I took picture of these bicycles (New & Old)...

After breakfast, we were supposed to check-in, however, due to the delay in our flight the local travel guide, Mr. Yan aka Xiao Yan, took us to the "Back Gate" of the Palace Museum or better still, the "Back Gate of The Imperial Palace" and right opposite of the "Back Gate" is a man-made mountain!

Inside the "Imperial Palace" we entered a gate that is famous for it's name and historical beliefs called "The Lucky Gate" (The name explains it all... lolx). We even browsed through the window of where the Emperor (King) sleeps and surrounding his room are other rooms where his concubines sleep.

At the exit of the Emperor's chamber, there's a big "Jade" resembling something like a "Yin & Yang" shape that represents peace and great luck! Soon after we took a stroll at the "Forbidden City" just outside the "Imperial Palace"... It seems that of all the tour group that Xiao Yan took (all from Malaysia) we broke the record for walking at "The Forbidden City" for up to 3 hours and 15 minutes all the way.

Soon after the "Forbidden City" visit, we ventured to the "Temple of Heaven". Over there we were told that there used to be a "Ginseng" tree near the premises. However, after the "Temple of Heaven" was opened to the public, it disappeared without a trace! Weird?! But it was written in the historical relics that the "Temple of Heaven" forbids female to enter because female is "Yin" and male is "Yang". Also "Yin" is like the moon, is represents "cold" and "Yang" is like the sun/earth, it represents "life & warmth"... (Or something like that hehe)

Wanna know MORE about the "Temple Of Heaven", Click HERE!

After that, Xiao Yan took us to watch an acrobatic variety show! It was a 1 hour live performances from 5.30pm - 6.30pm that ended with a blast! What I mean to say was, the had a cage the shape of a ball and first a motorbike went in and went round and round in it... But it ended with a blast when 5 motorbikes went in and they switched off the lights! It was like a super huge disco ball!! And it was amazing! Never seen before in life! Not even in Europe! A MUST-WATCH performance! Everyone was awed by their spectacular performance!

After dinner, we went back to check-in to our hotel and ended the day with laughter's and smile! (Ps. Xiao Yan can really make you laugh... hehe)

16 May 2010

KLIA - Beijing, China (Day 1)

Day 1, 8th May 2010 - The beginning of the 8 Days 6 Nights (Beijing - Cheng De - Tian Jin) China Tour!

Today we met the tour group for the first time, from up to 10 different tour agencies, we were gathered by China Express Tours & Travels Sdn Bhd. Our local tour guide that will guide us to & fro throughout the whole tour is Perry. Very friendly and humble guy! Can't wait to book the next tour with Perry again... Two thumbs up!

Here ya go, pictures at the KLIA airport... Nothing special (lolx) but Perry assist us in going through all the airport procedures, staying there by our sides and again very friendly! Imagine taking care of a group that is unknown to one another of 31 participants! Well they did! Great experience and Perry has so much story to tell! I love listening to each and every one of them because it's full of wisdom and wonders! Makes me kinda eager to be a tour guide like him too hehe... ^^ (Ps. No, I'm not in love, I just admire him for who he is and what he does -nonetheless- Someone I can look up to)

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