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27 February 2012

Malacca, 24th Feb : Fooood

One of our friend (Rachel Lee) woke up LATE!!
We went in 2 cars and we were already on the way to Melaka... 
Our friend (Rachel Lee) who woke up LATE was in the Karen & bf car... And the plan was to start the journey to Melaka at 8.30am... The 3 of them ended up leaving at 9am to 10am... We arrived early around 11am, it's a Saturday and there's definitely traffic + we (me & bf) carpool-ed Jun & Chan before we journeyed on the Melaka.

My bf had to park his car infront of the Sunflower hotel shop then we switched over to Jun's bf car. Because he (Chen) is the tour guide hehehe... He stays in Melaka that's why.

Anyway back to the story, since we're early, Chen took us to Restaurant Yung Lai Siang it is an old coffee shop that is tucked in a quiet corner off Jalan Bunga Raya Pantai, where it meets Jalan Bendahara (near the river in the picture below) I love the curry laksa there, it's affordable and has a creamy taste to it's curry and it's aromatic too.

Then we wanted to head back to check-in but Rachel, Karen & her bf was stuck in a "Complete Standstill" traffic...... It turns out, the "Le Tour Langkawi" blocked off the highway entering Melaka... For almost an hour... So what did we do in the 1 hour in Melaka town? See next =>
Lunch time! Yes, immediatelly after breakfast (curry laksa)...
We had to queue for this, the all time one of the famous Chicken Rice Ball that was featured on TV.
we wanted to sit and order until the other group arrive but couldn't because of the road closure, we decided to "take-away"!
Pricing of the Chicken rice Ball @ Hoe Kee for your reference
Inside the outlet, very authentic interior designs 
While we're at it, Chan led us on to "take-away" some original cendols & durian cendols too! It's just further down from the Chicken rice shop @Jonker Street88
We even attempted to head over to Jalan Bunga Raya to "take-away" some 'fat' popiah but it was sold out, lucky I remembered that directly opposite Mimosa Hotel is an uncle selling Fish Ball Rojak! I like! So we "take-away" 3 packet ohohoho...
The queue at Chung Wah restaurant for their also famous Chicken Rice Ball

Laundry kiosk?!!?! This is cute! Even the drawing on the wall is awesome! Cute marketing haha! Very homemade...!

Got ppl queuing for the famous "Oh-Chien"... I covered this before in my previous post
 Finally, we went to another jalan nearby to drop off Chan & Wilson (my bf) to "take-away" some 'fat' popiah. It's the same type as Jalan Bunga Raya, just that it's his brother operating, atleast it's not sold out!
The always sold out + wait long long famous 'FAT' PoPiah!!
 Popiah unwrapped!
Fish Ball Rojak unwrapped!
Chicken Rice Balls unwrapped!
 We arrived back and the other group just checked in and was waiting for us at the house. The minute we arrive, we dump all our bags on the sofa and start preparing all the food we ordered. We were hungry little monsters!

To be continued...

Malacca, 24th Feb : Check-In

I'm back again for round 2 at Malacca!! Or aka Melaka (in Bahasa Melayu)

A trip for 8 pax where we had a local tour guide included too... 
Obviously that tour guide is our friend's bf hehehe... 
The whole trip was fun and funny, the combination of all of us is really interesting, haha!
Here's our itinerary list from our friend, she trying to feed pigs lolx *almost* every 30min is makan time ahahahah....

Lucky we manage to get a good offer online via Everyday.com.my on the following "Rent-A-House" stay

The offer is affordable!!! Here's the flyer at the lobby check-in for the price rates

Mind you, we stayed in the Double Storey House with 4 rooms + 4 detached baths for 8 pax...

This is actually a corner shop lot but this is the lobby to check in for Hotel or House the same.

Also another flyer from the lobby and some snapshots of their hotel room in the flyer. Looks decent and neat!

Watch the video for more visuals

The house is spacious, clean & new! There's a bathroom for every room, 3 rooms upstairs and 1 room downstairs. And all equally the same size, except for the master room which is equipped with a WALK-IN closet!!
Breakfast provided, we need to select either one (Nyonya Mee Siam, Nyonya Fried Rice, Sandwich Egg-Tuna-Chicken) we chose the sandwich because we had bigger plans to eat out "yum yum". The actually delivered the sandwiches in the morning on the dot! And it was still warm! Got Hash browns too hehe... The kitchen and utensils are all readily placed on the counter and even comes with a tray of biscuit + coffee + tea + sugar + milk for freeeeeee!! Water filter, flask & microwave also fully prepared already. Don't need to bring your own cups & spoons etc...

Hope the details above will help you in your journey to Melaka!

To Be Continued...
Malacca, 24th Feb : Fooood

Nuffnang's Birthday Partey LIVE, 2012~!!

Hey hey! Yaaayy!! I gotten the invite to this cool blue event!

17 February 2012

DG Smart Plan and my Android Phone

YAAAaayyyy!! It’s DiGi Smart Plan and my Android Phone! I’m loving this duo! It’s like the best combination of the century!!

I would personally love to use the Samsung GALAXY Nexus which is Simple, Beautiful & ultimately Beyond Smart which you can get it from DiGi

Zalora - The new HOTSPOT online!

Hey guys! 
Check this out! 
Zalora@ChurpChurp and find out more about all your fashion and footwear needs!!

14 February 2012

07 February 2012

Super RUDE Property Agent not worth your time!

Tell me which property agent you had the worst experience with that is actually not worth your time!
I had to create this! I believe it is for the benefit of all us potential buyers!

Me and my partner had a few places in mind to look at. We contacted a few places but no response yet. There was 1 agent superbly rude making an ass out of himself by assuming we were property agents.

Such smart ass deserve a good blog post from yours truly for the benefit for other potential buyers alike that is ready to buy a property to start an own family and etc...

The smart ass in the hot seat :
Danny Lai
 +6012-216 8973
Email : dannylai@metroworld.com.my

Try to refrain from calling him. Think twice maybe. Unless you can live up to his standard and be as cocky or as rude as his level then call him up.

Here's our experience with this rude smart ass agent.

03 February 2012

World Spay Day 2012 Online Pet Photo Contest

Bibi - dog
When you donate and vote, you'll help me, the person who cares for me & my charity get more pets sprayed or neutered! Every $1 donation you make goes directly to spaying and neutering pets - and gives ME another vote in this contest.

Nickname: Ah Bi
Favorite thing to do: Sleep, Play catch, Wrestling
Most endearing bad habit: Sleeping

He is always there for me and has character. Especially if I'm away from home for a day, he'll ignore me until I beg him for his forgiveness..... We love each other and I miss him...

My Charity: All participating Spay Day organizations
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