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27 February 2012

Nuffnang's Birthday Partey LIVE, 2012~!!

Hey hey! Yaaayy!! I gotten the invite to this cool blue event!

The celebration of the year as a fellow Nuffnanger took place at Neverland Club @ KL! 
I had a great time there though I did "see" some famous bloggers having fun there too. But I didn't went up to them coz I feel, I think and I guess I'm like a serious case of shyness and yes, bloopers... huhu sobs...

But I still had fun! Muakakakaka... Here's some pictures for your pleasure viewing!
(Ps. I'm no pro at imaging & vidz... I just snap and share. The end... ohohoho)
Yaaay... Light up da Bday cake!
(From left : Nicholas Chay & Timothy Tiah)

"Figure It Out" band, Malaysia's very own local performance that seriously astounds you!!! I was AWED by their performance! Their lyrics, beats, music and the whole band members is definitely a MUST-Hear!!

Goodie Bag... Yummy Yummy!
Yay!! Nuffnang's photo frame! Love it!

I was standing abit far from stage... But it's ok...
BTW, that is the Co-Founder Timothy Tiah giving his "love" speech to da bloggers ohohho...

Everyone up on stage lighting up the cake... All the Netties, Nuffies, Churpies, Nomster & Lollies!

Yay! Stickman pose!

Wall of fame? Hehehe... Had this taken on our way in and out =p

Collages Part 1

Collages Part 2

Are you a "Nuffnanger" yet? Not YET?!?!?!?! WTH! Go join, faster!
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