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07 February 2012

Super RUDE Property Agent not worth your time!

Tell me which property agent you had the worst experience with that is actually not worth your time!
I had to create this! I believe it is for the benefit of all us potential buyers!

Me and my partner had a few places in mind to look at. We contacted a few places but no response yet. There was 1 agent superbly rude making an ass out of himself by assuming we were property agents.

Such smart ass deserve a good blog post from yours truly for the benefit for other potential buyers alike that is ready to buy a property to start an own family and etc...

The smart ass in the hot seat :
Danny Lai
 +6012-216 8973
Email : dannylai@metroworld.com.my

Try to refrain from calling him. Think twice maybe. Unless you can live up to his standard and be as cocky or as rude as his level then call him up.

Here's our experience with this rude smart ass agent.

1. We tried calling 3 times = No response...

2. We has the courtesy to text him saying we're interested in a particular apartment posted online via iProperty.com and also if there's any other options in specific area and within our range of requirements for an apartment. I even mention the reason for my purchase is to start my own family, to stay long term and I'm a 1st home buyer.

3. He texted back efficiently saying "he can't help us", he even insists and accuse me by saying that "he knows I am a property agent" so he asked me to "GO AND FIND MYSELF". What the F!

Such rude agent! I immediately called him and he surprisingly answered!! I asked him what right has he got to say I'm a property agent by just a text msg? He said because if I'm a serious buyer, I will only look at 1 property! His tone of voice and the way he answered was so rude and tactless! I definitely had to come down to his "level" and tell him off point blank.

I texted him saying he just lost a potential buyer. But WAIT... 
He replied so promptly (see screen shot below)

He's lucky I am not his buyer?? I think I'm the luckiest one because he don't sound reliable and not even the slightest bit professional... (he sounded like he just woke up from bed... WTF!)

Such rude ppl should be glad he even have businesses to go by.
But he should start counting his days because with that kind of attitude, such property agent can go nowhere. He'll probably even be a property agent for God knows how long without ever improving. 

I'm guessing he's those kinda property agents that suck up to ppl for business and looks down on 1st home buyers. He's like aiming for the rich guys only. So peepz, just watch your back with this agent. Never judge a book by its cover, if he has lots of listings it doesn't mean he's a good agent worth your time and money afterall. I just learned that from him.

So, what about your bad or good experience? Any to share? I'm keen to know about it. Afterall, we're all eligible home buyers.
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