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05 July 2010

Tour de France 2010 in Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

Ratianda's correspondent in The Netherlands went to Rotterdam (The Netherlands) for dim sum. 
There's a huge Chinese community there so Rotterdam is the place to be for dim sum.

Ratianda's correspondent was a bit clueless about the second (and last) day of the Tour de France 2010 in Rotterdam.  Luckily she brought along her Panasonic Lumix with Leica lense and took some snapshots of the whole Tour de France circus!

The mayor of Rotterdam, Mr. Ahmed Aboutaleb of Moroccan descent who moved to The Netherlands when he was 15 years old, topped the cyclists in a red car and waved to the public and to our charming correspondent, who waved back!

The mayor of Rotterdam waving to our charming correspondent. She was so excited!

Our correspondent was overwhelmed by the huge amount of cyclists that she couldn't make out where Lance Armstrong was.

The cyclists were in a good mood and all eager to win!

It was a fun and sunny day. And of course Ratianda's correspondent enjoyed her dim sum afterwards.
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