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11 July 2010

Friends from Malaysia visit Germany and Switserland

Ratianda's correspondent from The Netherlands had the pleasure to interview her good friends from Malaysia who returned from their European trip. After visiting The Netherlands Mrs. Goh and her husband Mr. Goh went to Tuttlingen in Germany and Switserland. Mrs. Goh works for a company in Malaysia whose headquarters is located in Tuttlingen in Germany (and offices in Switserland).
Raitianda's correspondent (RC):
So Mrs. Goh how was your work and visit to Tuttlingen? You brought along your husband Mr. Goh, how so?

Mrs. & Mr. Goh (MG):
It was fantastic visiting Germany again! This was my 4th trip you know. It was great meeting my European colleagues again. We have alot of e-mail contact so it's nice to see the persons behind the e-mails. Yes, I brought along my husband. This was his first trip to Europe you know.

That is so nice MG! So Mr. Goh, can you describe your first impressions about Germany? Mrs. Goh was busy working so you had to do the sightseeing on your own.

My first impression. Well I don't speak German you know. So I had to use sign language! I had fun on my own and walked the whole day while Mrs. Goh was working. And when my wife wasn't working, we did some sightseeing together. Actually I walked 2 whole days!
Well I know Malaysia is known for the hot and spicy oriental food. So how did you manage with the German sausages, sauer kraut and kasier buns?

Yes, you are so right! The food was ok but very bland. We managed.

So what else did you do?
We also went to Switserland! We were not prepared for the snow there. It was our first time we saw and stood in the snow! We wore socks and sandals. And we loved it! We really hope to come back to Switserland again. We went to Luzern and to Zurich. Beautiful cities! We bought some Swiss chocolate too. Very very good.

I am so glad you  both enjoyed your visit to Germany and to Switserland. I hope to see you soon again, in The Netherlands or in Malaysia.
Thank you and we will keep in touch.
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