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06 July 2010

Apeldoorn, The Netherlands

Today was another great day for Ratianda´s correspondent in The Netherlands. 
Instead of going to the beach like loads of other people did today, 
Ratianda´s correspondent in The Netherlands and her husband drove to Apeldoorn. 
Apeldoorn is about 50 mi / 80 km from Amsterdam and is a must see. 
What is there to do in Apeldoorn you might wonder. Alot! And there's alot to see and photograph too!

The main feauture in Apeldoorn is the royal palace Paleis Het Loo.
Paleis Het Loo was built over three hundred years ago close to the city centre of Apeldoorn. The former royal residence has been open to the public since in 1984 after undergoing substantial restoration work. 
The main feature of the palace however are the beautiful gardens around the palace. 
Ratianda´s correspondent in The Netherlands loved walking through the gardens and was amazed by the huge amount of beautiful trees, flowers, roses, statues and water features. 
Despite the sunny and hot weather it was very pleasant walking through the gardens. The gardens are huge and Ratianda´s correspondent in The Netherlands didn´t have the chance to see every part of the gardens so she is planning to return to Paleis Het Loo very soon. 
All the pictures were taken in the palace and it´s gardens itself. Beautiful and breathtaking experience!

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