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19 April 2012

Marvel's The Avengers

It's here!! The movie of the year! A cool movie about superheroes collaborate from different Marvel series, comes together in 1 movie!! Isn't that something to look forward to! I mean, of all the characters in it, I definitely would love to see Jessica Alba in it with her Fantastic 4 super powers! 

But no fret! 
Let's just imagine my story that a new member joins The Avenger's team and try to save the world!

The new member is no other than 
(drum roll....)


Noooo... It's not a weird name! (To me... hehe) Because it's ME! Lolx... I may have a round head and all but the main point is Mee-Topus is a Multi-Purpose Octopus (with lotsa tentacles) Well, basically you get the point...

So what is Mee-Topus going to do that's so great that it can save the world?

Besides doing multiple homework or office work at a time, Mee-Topus actually can do multiple stuffs at a time... It's like me trying to save the day in office or at home, doing work -while running errands -while listening to the latest hitz on radio -while surfing the web -while checking emails -while listening to her boss guiding her on stuffs -WHILE doing things that is still manageable and easy to remember.

So with Mee-Topus, imagine it saving the world while saving the people while saving the animals while saving itself from danger!! It's possible, because it has this durability super-stretchable tentacles not to be missed! It carry, push & pull stuffs from 1000miles away at 500kg going at 1000kmph!

 U see, the tentacles are shaped in a way to stretch longer and not snap off easily! Even if it does, Mee-Topus hidden power is that it re-grows its own supernatural tentacles in a sec! Also, in the picture above, u can see that these tentacles aren't the normal slimy long octopus stuffs... 

There's buttons that works magic! 
Each of it actually has a command that only the mind of Mee-Topus can conjure! 

It's like, u can turn those tentacles into super sticky SUPER-GLUE or even pretend to be Spiderman on da wall! It can even spit strings out to make a cobweb to trap the villains! And the list goes on!! The key to the magic is to observe, learn, listen & MEMORIZE by heart!
It can even expand strength into its tentacles and accelerate speed while mobilizing (IMAGINE a vehicle with 8 wheels running at 500kmph!), Mee-Topus can leap far up into the air, dive underwater and even FLY! Remember the buttons below its tentacles? All Mee-Topus needs to do is watch & learn from the birds in the skies and it can conjure up wings from each of those buttons so he can fly!

The mind of the Mee-Topus is awesome! Because it has such a round & huge head, it memorizes every single detail! And with a big heart, it gets emotional at times.

Mee-Topus will be a great help to Thor because Mee-Topus can leap, transit strength into it's tentacles to create a huge axe-shaped tentacle, also due to it's body structure, it can absorb electric and re-utilize it in a good way to fight evil! 

Mee-Topus will help The Avenger's team in a very big way! Because Mee-Topus can multi-task so well & has all the multi-purpose required weapons, armors & abilities; 

Mee-Topus biggest superpower is it can camouflage into the background through it's emotions!

Now talk about AWESOMENESS~!!
I'm lovin' Mee-Topus already, what about you?

OH! If u wanna know more 'bout da movie, watch the trailer below or click here!

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