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11 July 2011

BERSIH Rally - The burning TRUTH

Dear All,

The youth of Malaysia... Well scratch that! The PEOPLE of Malaysia is finally showing it's true colors!

The 1Malaysia tag given by the current Prime Minister who did everything OPPOSITE from the true meaning behind 1Malaysia.

BERSIH however, came out and proven to the world that it is not just only because of BERSIH and it is sooooo definitely NOT because of the PM, it is because this is the PEOPLE's voice, the PEOPLE in MALAYSIA! We have kept quiet for too long! And there is a limit to everything!

No one can tolerate price hikes! No one can tolerate extreme excess use of our tax money to buy RM29.9m ring for his stupid wife! No one can tolerate extremely stupendous LIES like using RM150m just to set up a Facebook ACCOUNT (Eg. Cuti Cuti Malaysia, 1Malaysia.com & others)

It is time for the new generation to stand up & voice out for what is right. The young, the old and the unborn!
The LIES that we have heard is covered in ALL our local media NATIONWIDE!!

Watch CNN, Al-Jazeera, Channel NewsAsia & The Times of India. Watch YouTube!

Know the truth about the sufferings we face in Malaysia!
How criminals, rapists and thiefs get away so easily without the police working hard on the case and YET the police actually worked and practised harder BEFORE the BERSIH Rally took place on 9th July 2011. This is unfair to the citizen! A picture paints a thousand words and no "photoshop" can ever amend that! (Eg. Newspaper did badly photoshop edits with white linings to switch the story around)

It is time to wake up and stop brutality of the law enforcements to the citizens and to human rights! Law enforcements accuses the Government that they "receive orders"... Orders to do what? HURT the citizen?! The peaceful walk CLEARLY shown in the videos and images was only facing 1 OBSTACLE! THE LAW ENFORCEMENTS random spraying of CHEMICAL water cannons and TEAR gas, what is the rational behind it? There is no law that says, the people can't walk together in groups hand-in-hand and cheering/chanting/shouting! Do you even see any weapons?! Is yellow a forbidden color?! Then jail up all your Football players! Throw away the Gold! Even your law enforcements should be in JAIL for wearing yellow vest on that day!

Oh God, please put some sense into the officials of Malaysia...
For heaven's sake!!

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