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09 February 2010

Turkey, one of the most beautiful places!

It is true. Today our columnist of Ratianda from the Netherlands brings you a full scope of Marmaris, Turkey.

Turkey is a land of diversity and unbelievable uniqueness of cultural and historical sites. Turkey is also known for its paradise of sun, sea, mountains and magnificent views, of course all with a combination of magical history and antiquity culture.

Do You Know?
Marmaris is in the south coast of Turkey, a tourist attraction. From here one can take the boat to see corals, but we did not participate because I am afraid of travelling in a small boat or sampan (lolx...).
Turkey is geographically slit in to parts. The european part is called Thracie and the larger part lies in Asia and is called Anatolie. Population around 65 million and Turkey is well-known for its apple tea. Their alcoholic drink is called "Raki", a very strong drink!! (yikes) The National dessert is called "Baklava", layers of honey with nuts (mmmm...yummy)...

The weather here is sunny but cold. We went by coach to visit Ephesus and also the House of the Virgin Mary. We even visited the ruins of the amphitheatre (aka an arena) and the food is not bad too. On the way to Ephesus,both sides of the road are the eucalyptus trees.

Here, we arrived at Ephesus -a historical and cultural day- as we discover one of the largest and best preserved ancient sights. It used to be a port city and home to one of 7 ancient wonders of the world, the temple of Artemis and home of  the Virgin Mary.

The ruins of the temple and those with the pillars is the "Port of Hercules".

The theatre was rebuilt by Romans between 41-117ad. This was where "Apostle Paul" once addressed the crowd.

The house of Virgin Mary located on the top of Bulbul mountain is 9km ahead of Ephesus. It is located in a nature park between Ephesus and Seljuk and believed to be last residence of Virgin Mary. It is visited by Muslims, Christians, tourists and pilgrims worldwide and is believed to have "miraculous healing power".

Hope you've enjoyed this! We hope to bring you more! See you soon...!
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