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04 February 2010

I won a Samsung Corby from Nuffnang!

The title says it all~!... I never thought of winning in the first place! I just wanted to share my experience and how I really truly feel when I was invited to the Samsung Corby "Color Me Carnival" event! Even though I didn't win that day, I never felt any loss too. Because that day, like I said, I met lots and lots of cool and awesome people and all bloggers from Nuffnang!

Well, I'm here today sharing my journey to collect my prize... (Thank You x1000000000 million/billion/trillion/zillion times Nuffnang!!)

When I received this email, I first though - Is this for real?!?!?!

Now THIS email, my heart stopped for a brief 5 second!!! I was stunned and shocked and... Okay more realistic, I was surprised! Never in my life I ever imagine anything like this to happen to... of all the people & bloggers on earth... ME?!?! Yes, I'm not faking it.... I'm really grateful "sobs tearfully"... *drips...drips* OKAY enough drama... Next...

Simple enough, regardless of the brand or model, it is by far "the" FIRST prize I won from Nuffnang and "the" FIRST mobile device I've won in my entire history! Feels so happy I could cry... Lolx... (of course if it's a Nokia I'll go GaGa over and over, bragging and blabbing again and again... lolx -no offense Samsung, I just love Ovi...)

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