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26 February 2010

Shocking Thunderstorm!

The rain today at Subang area is definitely HORRIFYING!... But I'm guessing it ain't just one particular area. However, at USJ 21 - USJ 22 a total of 9 trees got striked by lighting! Almost blocked the road... There were cars parked below those trees too. Luckily nobody was injured! But those vehicles probably gotten a few scratches or some minor dents on the body.

The trees were cleared from the road but still traces of the incident was still visible when I walked out to take a picture. Enjoy the horror...

The effect of the wind from the thunderstorm

One of the affected vehicle & tree

Close up effect

This is just "another" one of the trees that was affected...

Here's the stretch of the affected trees (atleast 3)

Too far to see? Another image below is the close up shot

Close Up shot... Lucky/Unlucky Myvi...

The thunderstorm and heavy rain plus incredibly strong wind
The inside corridor soaking wet!...

By The Way... Temperature 26°C - Thunderstorm
Welcome to Malaysia... Hot and humid all year long!
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