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27 June 2010

Trip to Zaanse Schans

Trip to Zaanse Schans

It is known that Zaanse Schans is the neighbourhood of Zaandam. It is near Zaandijk in the municipality of Zaanstad in the Netherlands of North Holland. Yes, I know... It's not a common name known to the world but NOW you know... It's one of the popular tourist attraction of the region to visit and experience an environment like never before. For those country lovers, this place has a collection of well-preserved historical windmills and not forgetting, houses. Zaanse Schans is also an Anchor Point of The European Route of Industrial Heritage aka "ERIH". How popular, you ask? Approx. 900k visitors every year!

The windmills were built since 1574 onwards. Of course, if you want to know more, please

This is a must see for foreigners. Here there are typical dutch houses in green & white with canals & windmills used for oil, mustard & wheat. The flowers are awesome and the street for shopping is breathtaking.

Shoes and wood carvings all hand crafted is amazingly astounding to just go window shopping through here! Would recommend this to those who love hand-crafted arts & craft!

Do drop by during the Spring or Summer season. It's best for viewing flowers and enjoy nature the real way!

Brought to you specially from Columnist of Ratianda (The Netherlands).
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