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28 August 2010

My Past, My Present & My Future

Sad how it may seem that time flies... In a blink of an eye, I've grown up to be who I intended to be, achieving what I've aimed to achieve and setting a mark for my own future and a goal that is still yet to be accomplished.

Funny how this may sound like but I'll be flashing back on my past, basically pictures I've found years ago! (Gosh, do I sound "old") Anyway, bottom-line is, I'm gonna share my "before & after" visuals of (drums rollin'...) ME! (muahahaha...evil laugh) Enjoy!

When I was young... 7 - 12 years old (From playing the piano to pretending to work at my mum's office to places like The Mines or Port Dickson, with a few range of different hairstyles and bangs.
 From the first picture, I remember being called "hitam manis" during my primary school days... Now I know why (sheeeesshh...) My family has been having pet rabbits since my sister was around 7+ yrs old, I practically been having them as pets since I was born (yikes) I've been skinny and I've been chubby and I've also been FAT... It's like a circle of life, you'll know why once you see the next picture! (hehehee...)

My 9th birthday @ McD Taipan... My 10yr old performances @ Church... Yes, I love singing & dancing (duh!)
Surprising? Shocking? Nothing? Well, I love to sing and dance since young and I will never fail to stop trying to do things I love most even when everyone tries stopping me (so far no one, I guess)...

Schooling in form 5 was never easy because I'm practically lazy, but work after school is my remedy to stress!
 After secondary school since form 3, I've been working after school at GSC Cinema, Summit USJ for almost a year, then I worked at Yummy Cafe, Summit USJ for a gifted chef all the way from USA but I knew it wasn't the right job for me so I found another work after school again at Yalan Photo Sticker Studio, Summit USJ...

My family photo and photos of colleagues from DiGi, Low Yat KL celebrating my 18th B'day.
Life like I've never known before, this was after my secondary and 2 parts of it, 1 part is my 18th B'day with colleagues and 2nd part is my family and my ex-boyfriend when I was 19 yrs old.

My promoter days with Demo Power (currently known as Captivate) in 2007 with other promoters as well.
Young and ambitious, the person I always try to be and always try to put my best in it.

During my Nokia promoter days in 2007/2008
 I miss those days, it was also my first time out with some of my colleagues to the club, a place where I get good music vibes and I can sing as loud as I want without anyone hearing me shout and dance to my heart's content. 

First picture on top left - I miss them loads, 1st time @ the club.
3rd picture on bottom left - Promoter time in beginning 2008.
Love-struck? Despair? None, it's just memories beyond words ^^
Perodua ViVa - Total Lost (5th May 2008, 3.35am) Am I shadow-kissed? I think not, because I was aware all through the way and no thanks to those "toll-truckiieezz" hijacking the road wiv black oil to make money from us victims... sheeesshh...
 Drums rolling....
So here is the "after" pictures...
A Bag?!
Free premiums??!
Britney Spears Fantasy Eau De Parfum?!?!
Britney Spears Fantasy Eau De Parfum bottle?????
Britney Spears Circus Eau De Parfum???!!!
Okay, here's the deal... My after pictures of the bag - premiums - perfume is kinda like a advertising for a cool site I found online which does a great service at delivering what I want "perfume"... Check her blog out! 
Perfume Wonderland

Okay, back to my after pictures... lolx...
On my way to work with "bad" style... lolx
Looking plain & simple. No frets, no worries. Just me being me...
 Hope you've enjoyed the pictures... It's a little in-depth about me, but it's been in my history and yes, I learn from my mistakes and grow from there, the prove is that I am standing here today, better off than the "me" in my past. See ya and look out for our new post! Cheerx... 

Yours Truly,
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