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28 April 2010

63rd Bloemen Corso, Haarlem (Flower Parade)

63rd Bloemen Corso, Haarlem (Flower Parade)

Here are pictures of the 63rd Bloemen Corso in Haarlem on 24th April 2010.
The theme this year is European travels and all the flowers are fresh.

Notice the sea horses, jelly fish & etc, all made out of different sorts of fresh flowers.
Took up almost the whole Saturday to Haarlem because the procession started at 9am at Noordhoutwijk and at 9pm they passed by at other places in Haarlem.
Together with the flower arrangements are people involved in this event that makes the flowers more life-like, like the car and such... Enjoy!

Brought to you by Columnist of Ratianda (The Netherlands).
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