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22 November 2009

Columnist for Ratianda Presents : Aerodynamiscist Cornelis @ Renault F1 Open Day

Hey guys! Here's our next interview we have specially for you!

Our "Columnist for Ratianda" met up with an "Aerodynamiscist", Cornelis, at Renault F1 Open Day - Enstone, Oxfordshire.

Columnist for Ratianda : Well actually I was invited to go with him to visit the Renault F1 factory (chuckles)
Sabrina: (laughs) Well please share with us! We're desperate! (I can't believe I said that - smiles sheepishly)

Columnist for Ratianda : Today, here with me is Cornelis who's from Holland, right?
Cornelis : Right. I'm from Holland and I miss my mom's cooking! (grins)

Columnist for Ratianda : (chuckles) I bet you do! However, what are you doing here? I mean, what do you do here?
Cornelis : Oh, well you see, in Holland, it's hard to spot an F1 company nearby so I came here.

Columnist for Ratianda : Wow! Here to study?
Cornelis : (laughs) No, no, I'm here because I studied at the technical university in Delft, Holland on Aerospace Engineering and I've spent (1) one year at Cranfield University in Cranfield, England (smiles)

Columnist for Ratianda : That's a tough subject you picked on. What inspired you?
Cornelis : (smiles) It wasn't that hard, really (chuckles); You see, it was all planned since I was 5 years old that I would study Aerospace Engineering.

Columnist for Ratianda : (shocked) 5 years old! That is amazing! You have great ambitions for your future I may say.
Cornelis : (giggles) No, not really. I'm not sure if my ambitions are that great, although, it is my dream to get a job with one of the F1 racing team and work as an Aerodynamiscist.

Columnist for Ratianda : And a dream come true for you?
Cornelis : (smiles) Yes, yes, definitely (giggles)

Columnist for Ratianda : (smiles back) Well how did you do it?
Cornelis : (grins) That's a secret. However, the moment I received my masters degree, I went to scout for a job with a F1 racing team in the UK and here I am today.

Columnist for Ratianda : (smiles) How long has it been then?
Cornelis : (still smiling) Amazingly, I've been with the company almost 4 years now.

Columnist for Ratianda : (Jaw dropped in astonishment) Wow! 4 years! That's great. I see you've achieved your dream and we've achieved ours! (laughs) Well, I had an amazing time with you today. It's a great pleasure to meet you and I would love to catch up with you again, if it's possible (smiles).
Cornelis : (smiles) Well sure. The pleasure is mine. Great to meet you too and I look forward to seeing you again.

Columnist for Ratianda says "Well people, it's not the end yet! I have pictures to flaunt! (laughs) Enjoy them! And look out for more as I travel and share exciting things with you. Cya!"

Pictured (above) from left : Columnist of Ratianda's husband with "the" Aerodynamiscist Cornelis at the Renault F1 factory.

Pictured (above) from left : Columnist for Ratianda with her husband.

Pictured (above) : Here is a sneak peak of the awesome Renault F1 racing car! Enjoy!

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